Companies, Foundations & Associations

Companies, Foundations & Associations

From its incorporation, the role of the notary is essential for a company. Whether its legal status or through its evolution and changes, the notary remains the reference in terms of proposing solutions to guarantee the continuity of a company.

You may wish to set up a company, foundation or association.

You may be contemplating dissolving, merging, splitting or converting your company.

You may be thinking about increasing or reducing your company’s capital.

You may want to change the articles of your company, foundation or association, its corporate name or any other type of statutory modification.

We are able to develop the best tailor-made solution for each context.

Our particular expertise includes the following areas:

  • Incorporation of companies, foundations and associations
  • dissolution, merging, splitting or conversion of companies
  • increase and reduction of capital
  • any other statutory modifications to your company, foundation or association
  • transfer of assets