The Notaires Unis

Notary fees are regulated by the cantonal government

The notary is a public officer, sworn in, whose fees are regulated by the cantonal government. The notary may also receive payment for all other activities not covered by his official fees. These would be calculated according to duration of the activity and its complexity.

The notary also acts as a tax collector of:

  • the taxes due to the State in respect of all deeds signed with a notary
  • fees charged by the State for the registration of deeds in public registers (Land Register, Register of Commerce)
  • other fees and administrative charges due to the State for all the necessary steps in the execution of deeds by the notary.

Therefore our invoices always include our charges and fees, as well as the taxes (registration and VAT duties) and the costs of the Land Register, Register of Commerce, and other administrative or judicial services payable to the State.

In addition, the Chamber of Geneva Notaries in partnership with the cantonal government has established a fixed cost for the setting up of a private limited company (SARL) or a public limited company (SA), which is subject to certain conditions.

In Geneva, the purchase of an apartment can also qualify, under certain circumstances, for partial exemption from registration tax (the so-called Casatax exemption).

The Notaires Unis remain at your disposal to provide a cost estimate for whatever operation you have in mind.