Marriage & Inheritance

Marriage & Inheritance

Life is regulated by important events, such as marriage, divorce and death, which have to be ruled according to the appropriate legal prescriptions. As each person and every family are different, each case must be dealt with thoroughly on its specificities.

You may plan to get married or enter a formal partnership, but you are not sure if you should sign a prenuptial agreement or a contract concerning your possessions.

You may wish to put an end to your present matrimonial settlement before setting up a new one.

You may wish to plan your succession, especially in favour of your spouse, your registered partnership or a loved one.

You may have just lost a near relative, but you do not know the required steps to undertake, in order to liquidate a succession.

We have the relevant knowledge and professional experience to provide each client with tailor-made answers as well as the support and guidance for all the resultant steps to be undertaken.

Our particular expertise includes the following areas:

  • establishment of certificates of inheritance
  • establishment of inheritance inventories
  • establishment of declarations of inheritance
  • establishment of estate distribution,
  • registration of changes in the land register,
  • drafting of wills, inheritance agreements or donations,
  • drafting of prenuptial agreements or contracts concerning your possessions,
  • drafting of cohabitation agreements