Real Estate

Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a property is an important transaction and often complicated. This business is unique and demands a perfect understanding of the real estate sector.

You may want to buy a property, but you do not know if you should sign a promise of sale agreement, a forward sale agreement or a definitive sale contract.

You may be a non-Swiss wanting to know the conditions applicable to the purchase of property in Switzerland.

You may want to sell your property, but would like to know beforehand the fiscal and civil implications.

You may own a farming property and want to know under what conditions you can assign or transfer its ownership.

Whatever the situation, we are able to advise and assist you through all the steps involved.

In particular, our expertise includes the following areas:

  • purchase and sale promises and contracts (including forward)
  • drafting and amending mortgage notes
  • division and merging of plots
  • setting up condominium ownership, building rights and easements
  • related taxation situation
  • other administrative steps in real estate (law relating to purchasing real estate by persons abroad (LFAIE), law relating to rural land rights (LDFR), law relating to the demolition, transformation and renovation of residential dwellings (LDTR), etc.)