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Trainee Notary

He speaks English

Mr Matthieu VALLOTTON has been a trainee notary in our office since 2021.

In Geneva, candidates who wish to take the state exams to obtain the licence allowing them to work as a notary must prove, in particular, that they have a master’s degree in law from a Swiss university and that they have completed a traineeship of at least four years and three months at a notary’s office in Geneva.

During this period, trainees deal with and follow up on files in all notarial activities under the supervision and responsibility of the notary in charge of the office where they work.

During the traineeship period, two months must be spent at the Justice of the Peace, two months at the Land Registry and two months at the Commercial Registry.

Mr Matthieu VALLOTTON should take his exams for the notary’s licence in Geneva by as early as 2025.

Until then, he will follow up on and process our office’s files under the supervision and responsibility of Ms BOYER and Mr RUBIDO. However, he will not be authorized to sign notarial deeds and official documents issued by our office.