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Prof. Dr. José-Miguel RUBIDO

Keeper of the records for Maître Christian GOERG and Maître Clément DEPREZ

Fluent in Spanish

José-Miguel Rubido practise as a notary since his appointment in 2002. A former President of the Geneva Chamber of Notaries (2021-2023), a former member of the Commission de Surveillance des Notaires (2014-2023), a former member of the Commission de la formation de la Chambre des Notaires de Genève (2006-2021) and a former member of the Commission foncière agricole (2018-2023), he is currently a member of the Board of the Fondation Notariat Suisse and of the Commission d’examen pour l’obtention du brevet de notaire à Genève.

A professor at the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Law, Criminal Sciences and Public Administration (FDCA), he holds a doctorate in real estate law (2011), a postgraduate diploma (DEA) in rural land law (2006) and a postgraduate diploma (CAS) in inheritance law (2016).  He is responsible for teaching real estate law, inheritance law and notarial law.

Prof. Dr. José-Miguel Rubido is scientific director of the online journal Not@lex, and author in iusNet Droit civil. He is also one of the founding members of the network.

Prof. Dr. José-Miguel Rubido is the author of publications on real estate law, rural land law, inheritance law, matrimonial property law, the law governing the representation of adults and minors, and company and tax law. In particular, he is the author of a thesis on ” l’exercice du droit de préemption immobilier au regard du droit privé “, as well as a book on “l’acquisition immobilière” published by Schulthess (2012 and 2022). He has also co-edited two books on “le droit des personnes âgées”, published by Editions Stämpfli Editions SA (2019 and 2022).